In our mission, we state that one of our main goals is “providing children with activities and spaces to learn & play”. Please look below to see different activities and workshops we have put together for children in Susiya and across several rural and bedouin communities in the South Hebron Hills.

July 20th, 2015

Hosted several activities carried out by the Rural Women Association to promote the development and the capacity of hosting summer camps for the children. The goal of these summer camps is to highlight the children’s diverse talents and to promote the use of recreational activities to unload psychological pressures.

من ضمن النشاطات التي نفذتها جمعية نساء الريف لتعزيز القدرات التنمويه تنفيذ مخيمات صيفيه حيث كان الهدف منها ابراز مواهب الاطفال وتعزيزها وتفريغ الضغط النفسي لديهم من خلال النشاطات الترفيهيه وايضا التعرف على مشاكلهممه خلا النشاط الارشادي

June 1st, 2015

Among all the activities the Association initiates, the women in our rural and bedouin communities also make sure to have days filled with joy and fun for the children. On this day the kids painted, played games and cultural and sports competitions, and much more!

من ضمن النشاطات تاتي نفذتها جمعيه نساء الريف ايضا عمل ايام فرح ومرح للاطفال وتخللها الرسم والعاب والمسابقات الثقافيه والرياضيه وغيرها


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