Support our work in the South Hebron Hills and donate!

Any amount is helpful. Below is information on how you can currently donate to the Rural Women Association. If you are looking to donate to us for specific projects as an individual or a foundation, please contact us through email and we will send several grant proposals we are still in need of funds for.

Back the Rural Women Association’s commitment to connecting and empowering women and children in rural and bedouin communities in the South Hebron Hills!

Our Association relies primarily on the donations we get through grassroots efforts, particularly online. Any donation helps to support our alternative ways of organizing and directly contributes to women making a change.

We are not a registered non-profit, therefore these donations are not tax-deductible.

How can you get started?

We are currently accepting wire/bank transfers and working on getting an easier donation method.

Please contact for information on our ABA/SWIFT/IBAN number.



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