Embroidery is a skill most rural and Bedouin women learn from a young age and we produce beautiful art, cloths, clothing, accessories and more. It is a source of income for many women and their families.We provide women with embroidery classes with a professional embroidery teacher from Ramallah. These classes are necessary for the women in the area to augment the marketing and sales of their embroidered goods.

Susiya has its own embroidery shop that is helpful for the community. Recent international interest in the village has caused an increase of visitors and groups that come by the shop. We plan to expand our marketing by continuing to lead embroidery workshops at all of these villages, eventually leading to a website to sell these products internationally. Embroidery, as a professional skill, is an important supplementary source of income for many women in the area, as it does not detract from our management of the other domestic projects we encourage such as apiaries, gardens with edible plants, and raising sheep.


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